Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello, december!

the past couple of days i've felt a tad bit different. while i'm at work, i feel a little disconnected. i don't really know exactly what it is, but i kinda have an idea. i've been trying to fill my life with things that i love to do, so that i can get back to my groove. maybe my mind is just too pre-occupied with other things, who knows?! but, i hope to figure it out because i want my old self back!! i mean, i just had a vacation, so i should be re-charched, right?! [do you ever feel this way? if so, what do you do to fix it?!] =/ aside from feeling bipolar, the holidays keep my spirits up! i LOVE-love-LOVE Christmas! i've been playing Christmas music since early november and it's actually been a battle with my mister because...well, he's just weird! lol he wanted to wait until thanksgiving to play christmas music, but since its my car....aah, who am i kidding?! i still lost! LOL but, we're good that totally makes me happy! my tree is finally up and i actually made most of my ornaments! i had such a great time and i'm actually not done, which makes me excited because i love having projects! last year i planned to make my own ornaments, but that christmas was a little hectic and i wasn't able to produce all the d.i.y. ideas i had planned. i decided to start early this year, so i could get them done. here is what i've done so far:
[tree shopping!]
[making ornaments out of a vintage illustrated dictionary, lace from a vintage curtain, buttons, and ribbon.]
[made these guys...the mushroom's name is oliver!]
[still not done with the ornaments...]

[here are some details...]

 making the ornaments was super easy! i'm sure you remember making those little fans in grade school and that's exactly how i made them. i folded the paper in the form of a fan and glued the ends together to create a circle shape or even a bow. then, i just got creative with the center detail with bows and buttons and lace and pretty much anything that was in sight! i also made little lace flowers by stitching a line down the middle of an already cut strip of lace and at the end, i pulled the thread so it would scrunch up like a flower. finally, i topped off my tree with a coca-cola [de mexico] glass bottle and a paper fan coming out of it. i didn't want just a regular tree topper or even ornaments. [even though i have TONS from last year's sales!] i love making things, so the time i spent making these ornaments was really joyful! plus, i love the feel of my Christmas tree!! i learn from my mistakes...last year, i went with a HUGE tree! not really on purpose, but i wasn't very experienced with tree size proportions. haha! i have learned a valuable lesson and i am just so stoked for this Christmas!!! =)

 tootles! XOxxxOoXO


  1. I think sometimes we just go through phases where we are disconcerted and unable to concentrate on the things we want least that is true for me. I don't have any advice for how to make it pass other than to keep doing what you love and eventually it should work itself out. As to the tree and ornaments...BRILLIANT! It's inspired me to make some of my own since I still haven't put my tree up this year.

  2. the tree is looking great, darlin! i hope you start to feel more like yourself soon! i know i'm all out of whack lately, but i don't foresee that changing any time soon ;)