Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my ring

hello lovies,

wedding, wedding, wedding is what you will be reading the most about on this little blog! i'm sorry, but i just can't help myself! i plan weddings and events [as a second job!] and it's a usual topic of conversation for me. now that i get to plan my own, i just can't shut up about it! lol i have been getting some questions about the story and history of my ring and i'd like to share what i know. which isn't much, but here it goes...
i've always wanted something antique and different. art deco is my absolute favorite era, so i gave examples of things i really liked. i went back and forth with other options, such as pearls and other jewels, but antique was something i was set on. after a loooonnnggg search....i stumbled upon this ring, which was brand new, but it had a lot of what i always described. i even called it the essence of me...haha! i decided to try it on just to see how it would look and although it was beautiful, it wasn't IT. there was a very important element that was missing....history! with that said, a ring that was not new was the most important aspect for me. and even though i had been looking for months, just to help him with the process [since i'm a little difficult], he ended up finding THE ONE! it was in a jewelry store that specializes in antique & estate pieces. the lady at the store knew exactly what i loved since i pretty much tried on every single ring in her store a couple of times before. haha!!! we went one day to see rings together and this one was there and of course i noticed it, but it was such a tiny size that the lady took it to the back to get it re-sized. steven says that as soon as he saw it, he knew it was it. however, he said he didn't like it, so i kind of had forgotten about it because he was so set on other ones. i really wanted him to pick something that we would both like. it turns out that he went back later on that week and purchased the ring and had it for about 2 months before actually proposing. [crazy!] when he finally gave me the ring, of course i cried [like always!], but i had actually forgotten about how beautiful and perfect it was. mainly because i only saw it for about 2 seconds that day we went together. it really is better than i could have ever imagined it to be and the true essence of me. it is a 1920's art deco ring. the design is so unique and i almost feel like it was made for my hand! the craftsmanship is incredible and it shines so nicely. i know it's very old and delicate, but i wish i knew a little bit more about it's history and previous owner(s). i am so in love with it, i catch myself looking at it all day long...not only because it's so pretty, but because of what it symbolizes and that just brings happiness to my life! i know the process of finding me a ring was not a simple task, but it was soooo worth the wait!

if you have a story about your ring, whether its family history or even shopping adventures...i'd like to hear about it!!! =)

hasta luego! XXX

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  1. You're ring is stunning, no wonder you're in love! Congratulations :)
    We share a love for antique rings, and lately i've been eyeing off a few gems! The one thing that stumps me is, what kind of wedding band could you wear with it!? Its probably the only thing stopping me from convincing my boyfriend from buying one!
    Any ideas?