Thursday, May 31, 2012

w e d d i n g [balloons & deets!]

hey you!! 
i hope you're enjoying the pics! it's been so great re-living each moment while i post and talk about it. there are not many words that can describe the feeling that i felt that day. 
it truly was the best day of my life! 

below, are pics of details from the ceremony area and one of my favorite parts of the whole wedding! so, since we did our ceremony on our church's property and invited everyone to come out to the ceremony, we had refreshments and a mini-italian feast instead as a "cocktail hour" in the surrounding area. the lawn was decorated with vintage props of all sorts. all the props were either handmade or restored by me! for the most part, all of the details of our wedding were handmade. i painted the backdrop of our ceremony and all the signs, painted all the vintage vases, wrapped letters with yarn, etc! all of the floral was done by me and a team of helpers (aka-bridemaids and one of my SILs). my dad made us the sign that went behind the car, which was hilarious! i was filled with tons of ideas and found a way to bring them to life at low cost! i had a team of great people that were able to execute my crazy ideas the day of!  

in addition to all the props, there was even a photo booth area which didn't really stay up for long because it was really windy. =( as well as the floral centerpieces for the cocktail tables, but that didn't rain on my parade...i still enjoyed every minute! especially the minutes during our departure to the reception. we got dozens of red balloons that were given to each guest to let go in the air as we were departing in our vintage car as a celebration of our marriage! it was so beautiful to see the red balloons against the blue sky...just as i envisioned! the word magical is not even enough to explain the feeling. i'm in love with this if you're getting married, you should consider it! 
okay, enough are the pics...=) 
[i work for Coca-Cola, so these as favors were oh-so appropriate!]
[our guestbook was a canvas that will be part of our home decor!]
come back tomorrow for more pics! 


  1. I love the idea of the balloons! It all looks so pretty

    1. thank you, katie! =) it was really fun and super easy! =)