Wednesday, May 30, 2012

w e d d i n g [ceremony part deux]

hello lovelies! 

okay, so i may have started a little out of order, since yesterday i showed you pics of only us during our ceremony. i hope you enjoyed them as much as i did! today, i will show you a little pre-ceremony and the beginning part of it. our ceremony was very special to me...i loved everything about it! 
[steven & best men]
[my littlest bro]
[steven, his older sis & nephew + steven & my uncles]
[steven's grandmothers escorted by 2 of his brothers]
[my maternal grandparents]
[steven's parents]
[my mom & my brothers]
until tomorrow, lovies! =) xOOxoO


  1. i shed a tear how beautiful you looked! and what a beautiful mommy you have with her pinik dress looking amazing! Im sure shes very proud<3

    1. awww! thank you, lady!!! you are sooo sweet!! =) she really looked amazing!