Tuesday, May 29, 2012

w e d d i n g [ceremony part one]

hey guys!
our wedding pics are in and they are amazing! Michelle March and her team did a phenomenal job!!!! i am so grateful and amazed! i'm gonna break it up into parts because there are just way too many pics! =) but before i do all that, i'm gonna give you some deets about our wedding. it was 1920's-1930's-1940's themed. (also with inspirations from the notebook!) i've had this planned since i was like ten, no joke! it was my dream to take everyone back to those times. therefore, we asked all of our guests to pick a year and dress like it! it was so amazing to see everyone dressed up, it literally made me cry. when i walked out of the beautiful vintage car and saw everyone dressed up, it was just as i imagined! i felt like i was on a movie set...it was an incredible feeling! we had the honor of having Adlan Cruz, a magnificent pianist, play the grand piano during the ceremony. as i was driving up to the church, i could hear him playing i'll be seeing you, which is what he opened with. the sound of the piano and the wind blowing was just spectacular. our wedding party walked down the aisle to the theme song of the notebook and i walked down to what a wonderful world. one of steven's older brothers, eli, performed the ceremony and his father, the pastor of our church, closed it with a prayer. it was simple and perfect.

after saying our i do's and sealing them with a kiss, we walked back up the aisle to a very jazzy version of the traditional song as our guests threw confetti at us while we walked by. it was really magical!
well, here you go...take a look for yourself...enjoy! =)
you will find out more and more as i keep posting the rest of the pictures...sooo...stay tuned! =) XXXoO


  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful! gaahh love it doll you look amazing!

  2. These are such lovely photos! I love how you had them pick a year to dress like. So fun. You look stunning!

    1. thank you so much!!!! you are so sweet! ;)