Friday, June 15, 2012

w e d d i n g [bridal party]

hello all! 
i've been meaning to post this for a few days, but hadn't had enough time to write all my thoughts. 
but here it is...our wedding party! 
they were an amazing group of people that included family members and lovely friends!
they each have a special piece of our hearts and lives, individually and together! it was really tough for us to choose such a small wedding party, but it was that or 100 joke! lol we just love so many people that are dear to us and would have liked by our sides. i think that even the ones that weren't officially in the wedding party, still felt a part because of the dress code, so it still worked out! 
their amazing outfits were a mixture of vintage and new pieces, but more vintage, of course! 
each of my ladies resembled a decade from the 20s-40s and the best men were a mixture of paperboys and pretty much anything that steven liked. steven and i were extremely involved in the creation of these outfits. we wanted everything to flow and be as authentic as possible to the theme and look of our wedding. 
since we weren't really sure how many people would actually participate with the dress code, we wanted to be sure that our wedding party would bring our theme to life. the fashion for our wedding was very important to me, which is why i even made a video for our guests! haha although, i thought i was a bit worked and we were so surprised and happy with the turnout! when thinking about the wardrobe for our wedding, i treated it as if i was styling a shoot or a movie. i did lots of research and the result was aesthetically pleasing! 
additionally, we wanted to be very budget friendly. it is very rare to get a bridesmaid dress thats appropriate for another occasion. i was very thoughtful of their budget and wanted to keep them really, really cheap! i know, for my girls, their whole entire outfits were less than $80 each! the guys were around the same if not a whole lot cheaper! i tell you, it's very do-able!
 i loved each of their individual brought life to our story! =) 

from left: 
dalix {1930's} wore a vintage dress and hat, gloves from party city, her own pearls and shoes from aerosoles.
ivelisse {1940's} wore a vintage dress and gloves, vintage hat from etsy, and her own black pumps. 
karichelly {1920's} wore a flapper dress from urban outfitters, pearls from claire's, feather clip from LIxCREATIONS and her own oxfords. 

if you're getting married and don't know what to do for your wedding party...think outside the box! there are so many different options that you can do and have fun doing it on the way. my girls and i raided so many thrift stores and vintage stores in orlando and atlanta (where 2 of them live) and we finally found most of the dresses in savannah, ga only like 3 weeks before the wedding! 
there are so many nice dresses out this season, the options are endless. have fun with this process and let it be a reflection of you! =) 


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  1. LOVE this!! wish i could give you a big hug right now. xoxo