Tuesday, June 19, 2012

w e d d i n g [gifts]

i don't know where the whole the bride and the groom get each other a gift on their wedding day came from, but it has not been something that i was always aware of. i think it was at my friend jillian's wedding where i first learned about this really sweet tradition. my love language is gift giving and that is the best way i am to express love! i really enjoy buying things for people and i get joy from their happiness when they open my gifts. i guess i'm weird, but it's just the best feeling! so, when i first heard about this whole present on your wedding day ordeal, i totally jumped on the bandwagon. lol it's not really something we do in my culture, but i adopted it anyways. i mean, why not?! 
so, i had been mentioning this to steven for a while hoping that he will catch on and get me something meaningful on our wedding day. now, i was expecting something really small and just a nice little token of love that i would like and forever remember. well....steven takes things to the next level...ALWAYS...so this is what he got me:
a MacBookAir! i was so surprised, i cried!

this was really something that blew me away and it happened right after i finished getting my make up done. haha! he had it delivered by my MOH and I had her deliver my gift to him, which i thought was like the best gift ever! haha actually, my best/MOH went with me to get his gift and we were both so thrilled because we really thought we would beat him. haha! [yeah, steven and i compete about everything!]
so, when she went to give it to him, she was so proud...then, he gives her my gift and she's like "WHAT?!"
i got him a nice new pair of ray-bans, which he loves so much!
this is such a great memory!!!
he obviously won this time, but we'll see about our first year anniversary! ;) 


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  1. so glad i could be a part of such a special moment. i could cry just thinking about it. he did good...hey and so did we with the last minute gift ;)...LOVE YOU!!