Wednesday, June 6, 2012

w e d d i n g [the groom]

hollo dearies! 
we keep going with the wedding pics and today is all about the groom! 
my handsome husband is a special kind of man and you'll see why in a sec.
whenever we would chat about our wedding, he always said that he wanted a certain kind of suit and THAT he got! after a bit of time looking for a double breasted suit in his size, he wasn't very successful. so...he got it custom made! [what a diva!] 
for ladies, getting a dress made is normal. getting a suit made, not so much. usually, grooms just rent a tuxedo or a suit for their wedding and they coordinate their colors  to match the wedding. but not my fella! he picked his own style, fabric, pattern, colors, fit, pleats, buttons...everything! he says that brides always get to look the best and the grooms get left out. haha!
 he is a really fashionable guy, so for him to feel this way was no surprise. i actually loved the fact that he was so into it and he wanted to look and feel like himself. i did go with him when he picked everything out, but it was only the suit. the shirt, bow tie, suspenders, pocket square, socks and shoes...were all him! i was so happy with his choices, i loved the entire ensemble! 
i mean, a plaid patterned suit with a purple paisley lining...pure genius!
didn't he look so dapper?! 
custom tailored suit: sadler's custom tailors
shirt: zara
pocket square: macy's
suspenders: zara
socks: nordstrom rack
wingtip brogues: zara
more to come tomorrow...stay tuned! xoXXoOOo

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