Friday, June 8, 2012

w e d d i n g [video teaser]

oh, do i have a special treat for you! 
today we take a pause on pics to show you our amazing video teaser. our full video is on its way and will be posted soon! this movie [because that's what it is!] was shot & edited by Mosa Media and we are beyond grateful and extremely happy with the results. they literally blew us away and i'm sure you will feel the same way! i must say that we had a dream team for photography and video...not to brag or anything, but they really are just top notch! every time i look at this video, i cry, but that's no surprise! haha so, get your tissues ready and don't say i didn't warn you! ;)

Steven & Mariangelix Wedding Teaser from Mosa on Vimeo.

hope you loved!


  1. ahh!! my emotions! i feel such happiness for you. when you looked at yourself in the mirror and started crying-oh my goodness!! i thought i was going to breakdown in tears (at work, nonetheless!). so beautiful!

    1. haha! thank you, girly! i cry every time i see it! its insane! i started just not looking during that part because i breakdown! i always go back to that moment when i see that shot! it was the first time i saw myself as a bride...amazing feeling! thanks again! xoxo