Wednesday, September 5, 2012

hey there!

lovelies, i hope you've been great!
i've been absent for a while and its all because i've been doing lots of dreaming and working on making those dreams come true! you can check out the biggest dream here! i hope you love it! :] since i've been spending so much time over there, it has taken up some time that i could be spending over here. :[ but, i'm here today to share a shoot that steven and i did with our dear friend, @shopat851,  right after we got engaged. i had forgotten about these pics and i absolutely love them! we are doing great and i hope to come back a little more often and share some life happenings with you! in the meantime....check out my new site and enjoy these pics! :]

 [ME: vintage dress - vintage coat - brogues, shopat851
HIM: paisley shirt, zara - jeans, levi's - cardigan, f21- shoes, toms]

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