Sunday, September 30, 2012

decorating my nest: the guest room

i purchased my home a little over two years ago and i had all these awesome plans for decor and projects i wanted to do, my brain was overflowing with ideas! i quickly realized that i didn't have the necessary time to achieve those goals!  =( two years have flown by and with my wedding in between that, it really has been difficult to makes those dreams happen. i know that getting settled into a new home takes time, but i think i'm just too slooooowww! lol
the first thing i did when i moved in was paint the wall of my bedroom (now guest room) with chalkboard paint because i had an awesome plan for 2 years go by and one morning i wake up and say..."today, i WILL finish!"...and so i did! sometimes i get these outbursts of inspiration and i can't control them, but i wish they happened all the time. well, they do...just at the wrong times! haha i'll be driving on the highway in the middle of the day and i get this awesome idea and feel so inspired, then i get upset because there is absolutely nothing i can do about it at the very moment! the inspirations come and go and because i'm so busy, it's a little frustrating. i wish i was home more often so i could do something about those outbursts as soon as they come! in the meantime, i will keep trying to motivate myself to do everything else on my list. [next up: my closet!] here is my finished guest room...i hope you love it as much as i do!
[i chalked the headboard, frames and lamps! i used lights from ikea, stapled them to the wall and chalked a lamp around it!]
[re-upholstered and painted these 2 chairs i bought at a garage sale!]



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  2. This is so cool! What a creative idea. I love it.

  3. you're so genius. my favorite touch is the lights! Great job.