Sunday, October 7, 2012

the honeymooners

so, during the first year of every vacation considered a "honeymoon?" haha! okay, well maybe not...but i sure would like to call it that. :) steven and i have been married for 7 months and we just went on vacation last week and it felt like we were still on our was amazing! we're still newlyweds, so why not call it a second honeymoon?!
this past week was pure bliss! we really needed it, especially because we haven't had any time away from everything since our wedding. i actually got to disconnect from EVERYTHING!!! my phone was on airplane mode the entire week and while i did have the urge to connect, after the first day it really didn't matter. it felt sooooo good!!! i needed every single second away. since everything is at our finger tips due to our amazing phones, it does take a huge part of your life! sometimes we need to just take a break and disconnect. our life needs it. we need to recharge ourselves. i totally did and boy do i feel good!!! i feel like i relaxed a whole lot and was able to be with my hubby and enjoy every minute without any distraction. i can't wait until our next one!!! here are some pics...

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