Sunday, January 6, 2013

new year. new look. new me.

hello dears! 
happy new year! i hope you had a wonderful holiday season with the ones you love...i sure did!

i have so much to say, i don't know where to begin. i've been away for so long and i actually think that is the main reason for it. i haven't really felt connected. i have tons of things i want to share, but i can't seem to find that connection. which is why i decided to change the look of the blog. i considered starting from scratch again, because sometimes you need a fresh start, but i like mustard&plum and i couldn't part from it. therefore, i went with something simple. i love color and design, but there's something about simplicity that captivates me more than all the bells and whistles. so here it is. my new blog look. i hope to be able to find that connection again with my blog, my writing and my photos. that is one of my goals for this new year along with a list of others. 2012 was really good to me. my favorite year by far! i have learned so much this year and grown so much as a person, as an artist and a servant of God. i'm excited for 2013 and all that is in store. the things that i can and can't see. 

so here i am. very happy to be back! expressing myself on here is one of my happy places. i can't wait to share about the things that make my heart want to pop out of my chest and make my head spin a thousand times. the best thing about life is new beginnings and being able to just start over. but you have to choose to do it. so, i hope you have chosen to go after those things you want to accomplish this year. i'm so excited for 2013 and hope you are too, it's going to be amazing!

p.s. did you know that forty percent of people that have new year's resolutions quit within forty-five days? FORTY-FIVE days!!! that's not even fifteen percent of the year! are you going to be a part of that statistic or are you really going to stick with it and actually finish something you started? don't give up!


  1. Welcome back. Look forward to Wedding gown Wednesdays! ;)

  2. i love the simplicity of you blog! hope it inspires you to write more! i like having you back! xoxo

  3. This makes me happy:) so happy you're back!

  4. Hi lady, I am so glad you are back. I love simplicity so the new look is lovely.