Tuesday, September 30, 2014


A few years ago, I had a Marie Antoinette themed party because I love everything French and, well, who doesn't?! If you've seen the movie, you can get the picture that they lived a super lavish life in their beautiful palace right outside of Paris, but that doesn't even do it justice. I honestly don't think pictures or books or movies can paint an actual picture of this place. Versailles is like nothing else! It can not be compared to anything that I have ever seen because it is gigantic. It has a lake and a pond and a village and other castles on the property and more ponds and gardens that are larger than anyone could actually imagine and so much more! While we walked through the castle and the gardens we tried to imagine how the people of France felt at that time if they would just walk up to the gates. Those large golden gates are out of this world! It is incredible to think that people were in deep poverty, but these royals lived a life without any limits. Now, I truly understand the phrase "living like a king," because the lived such a lavish life. I was in awe of every single part of this wonderful place. I'm trying to figure out how I can live here! HA! It was SO beautiful and perfectly crafted. The details are better than I could ever describe. So, I guess everything that I would say about it will never compare to what it actually looks like and how you feel when you visit, so I'll just end my rambling here and show you our visit to the amazing Chateau de Versailles [Vur-SY][Check out some tips on at the end of the post]

[The Famous Hall of Mirrors]

 [Marie Antoinette's bedroom in the main castle]

 [Just a hallway and another below!]

[Marie Antoinette's Petite Trianon]

[Marie Antoinette's Estate is like a village where the kids learned agriculture and went to school]

[It looks like where Belle lives!]

 [The Grand Trianon is spectacular!]

If you are going to visit the Chateau de Versailles, here are a few things you should know...
1. Plan to be at Versailles for a whole day or 2 days if you can. You will not regret it!
2. Make sure the chateau and the gardens are both open during your visit.
3. You'll take a train and it is really easy to get there.
4. If you have the Paris Pass or a Museum Pass, the castle is a part of it. However, if there is a special event going on in the gardens, you will have to pay an entrance fee. 
5. If you don't have a lot of time, I would suggest rushing through the palace, so you can get to the rest of the property. Just make sure to walk through the Hall of Mirrors!
6. I would strongly suggest renting a golf cart when going to the gardens. It may seem a bit pricey at first, but believe me, its well worth it! Otherwise, you will not get to see everything and you'll be exhausted from all of the walking. This place is enormous, so don't underestimate the size. Do the golf cart! =)
7. You can also rent bikes and a little row boat to hang out on the lake. 
8. Chateau de Versailles is a MUST if you are in Paris! This place is a dream! 

If you have any other questions or would like to share some of your own tips, please comment below! I would love to hear about your experiences! xo

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