Saturday, November 22, 2014

Even When the Skies are Gray

If you ask people how the feel about rainy days, you'd probably get a negative answer from most of them. I wouldn't necessarily say that rainy days are my favorite days because that would be a lie, but I don't totally mind them. Since I am always in and out of my car for work through out the day, when it rains, it is very inconvenient. However, today was different. I walked outside and the skies were gray and it was so beautiful! Steven and I were out today in some of our favorite parts of town and we definitely did not mind the rain. I don't think I can ever remember feeling that way before. Today's grayish day filled me with inspiration! On my way home I drove by a railroad track that I pass at least four times per day and I always have wanted to stop and do a shoot there, but it has never really worked out. I had never seen it more beautiful than today and I just had to shoot in this consistent drizzle and fogginess. So, I called my friend Vanessa from Misses Boy and we did a little impromptu shoot there. It's good when your friends live really close by! 

This weather was beyond perfect and while I was there just shooting the beauty of this ugly day, I just kept thinking how amazing God is and how even the ugliest days are still so beautiful. It's all in our perception and I thought about how better our lives would be if we just saw the beauty in our ugly days. I know it is so much easier said than done, but I decided that moving forward, I will work on that whole perception thing because I know it can really do my life some good! It's really nice to be reminded of some basic life lessons in such a beautiful way! I encourage you to want to see life in a different way by just changing your perspective! xo
  oversized sweater - h&m \\  leggings - h&m   \\  glasses - Ray-Ban \\  hat - cotton on   \\   boots - Justin Boots

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