Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Little Bit of White

I don't know who made that rule about not wearing white after Labor Day and I'm sure they have an explanation for it, but I'm just not good at following those kinds of rules. Actually, there are some fashion rules that I could never really understand and that's why I just make my own and do what I want. It works out better that way...Ha! This is the second part of the shoot I did with Olivia from StylingLiv. We had such a great time and ended up catching a gorgeous sunset, so that was a nice treat! For this look, I decided to wear my white denim and added some color to my outfit with my blouse. I decided on this look because you can dress it up or dress it down depending where you are planning to go. The trench coat adds a little extra something and you can either change the shoes to boots if you wanted to make it a bit casual. You could also add a nice clutch to complete your outfit. I was going for a relaxed night time look where I would go on a date with my hubby, which is exactly what happened. I always say, "wear what you want, just own it and have confidence!" xo
floral shirt - h&m \\  jeans - gap   \\  glasses - Ray-Ban \\  trench coat - vintage   \\   shoes - Martinez Valero (Replica of: Manolo Blahnik 

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