Friday, November 14, 2014

Bows + Stripes

I wanted to interrupt my Paris posts for today and post a little shoot I did with the sweet Olivia from StylingLiv. I wanted to share this on this beautiful Friday because lots of you have asked me about my light pink full midi skirt and I recently just found this black one at Forever21 for less than $20!!! I love skirts, especially these full midi ones. They are so feminine and chic and I just love the silhouette they create. I also like that I can add a nice little petticoat under to fluff it up! The opportunities are endless with this kind of skirt and don't let people tell you that you have to be a certain body type to wear them because they really look good on everyone. You just have to play around with your tops and your shoes, so that it flatters your figure. I did add a petticoat to this skirt to make it a bit fuller and wore a really old vintage dress I'd totally forgotten I had in my closet as a top. Sometimes, you have to think of new ways to wear things and it will feel like a brand new piece! xo

dress [used as shirt] - vintage \\  skirt - f21   \\  glasses - Ray-Ban \\  clutch - vintage   \\   shoes - Christian Louboutin  

[PS - Check out Olivia's post from this shoot, here!]

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