Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello, Fall!

Today is officially the first day of autumn and it makes me really excited because this is one of my favorite times of the year! Unfortunately, we don't get that full fall weather or change of colors in the leaves here in Florida, so it kind of still feels like summer. But I've decided to just always pretend like our fall is just like the one up north. My imagination is powerful! haha While I feel like I always long for fall because of how nature looks, the cool weather and the wonderful fashion...I went looking for that while I was on vacation in NYC and Paris a few weeks ago. They both let me down! It was so hot in NYC, the subways stations felt like an oven. Paris was a tad cooler, but not cool enough. Our last night in Paris was a little chilly, which made me so happy because all I packed was really cute fall weather stuff. As I was packing for this vacation and actually being in these cities, it inspired me to start my fashion posts back up. It's been a while because I've been in such a funk, but enough is enough and I'm done with that feeling! So, here's to a new beginning and more inspiration! =)

The photos below are from our Paris trip and this was the balcony from our room! I am convinced that Paris has the world's best sunsets! This is such an easy look paired with some of my must have basic pieces for this fall. I've included those "Fall Basics" below, along with some others! Let me know your thoughts and if you think there are some more pieces you think are a "must" this fall season! xo
 faux leather jacket - f21 | circle skirt - HM | clutch - vintage | 
statement necklace - zara paris | pumps - christian louboutin

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures! I guess Paris as a background definitely helps. Anyway, it's good that the weather in the city of lights agreed with you. Thanks so much for sharing! Stay beautiful and travel safely always!

    Shaun Caldwell @ ARC