Monday, November 10, 2014

Paris Fashion Diaries

I'm still organizing our pictures from Paris and I wanted to post some from our last day there. We did a little photo shoot and this was my outfit for the second half of that day. When I was packing for Paris, I thought it would be a lot colder than it actually was, but this dress was on the top of my packing list regardless of the weather. I knew I wanted to stroll around the city in a long, pretty dress and while the shoe situation was a bit tricky since we were walking around EVERYWHERE, I had flats and my heels in my bag. Then, we happen to run into this shoe store where they had the kind of boots I had been looking for and I totally fell in love! I hustled the guy to give me a discount and I was able to wear my new comfortable boots through out the rest of the evening. (I forgot to take pics of the boots!) Oh, and by evening I mean night because we didn't get back to our apartment until way after midnight since we loved to just roam the city at night and we thought that if we stayed up, the night would never end and we wouldn't have to go home....HA! 

If you go anywhere on vacation, I would encourage you to get dressed up at least one night and make it a memorable one. When you go on a cruise, they have a Captain's Dinner where the attire is supposed to be formal, so I say do that during all vacations. It makes for great memories, pictures and just a fun time! xo

 dress - vintage \\  flamingo loafers - C.Wonder  \\  glasses - Ray-Ban
location: Jardin du Luxembourg 

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